Online Careers That are Legitimate, Easy, and Flexible

In today’s job industry, working online is a lot more popular than ever before largely because of the digital era. It’s also popular due to a few undeniable benefits online jobs provide that your typical 9-to-5 can’t touch.

In fact, I could probably review 18 different online job benefits but that’s not my main purpose today so I’ll just share three of the best advantages of working online.

Online jobs are flexible
They don’t typically require extensive training or education
They often pay more each hour than your average 9-to-5 office job
What more could you want than to make more money while working fewer hours? Perhaps that’s not always the case, however in my 3 1/2+ many years of experience with online jobs, I see this craze again and again.

Given that we’ve confirmed why you’ll want to work online, we can speak about how you can land your first online job. You can even use several suggestions to develop your own web business plan!

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25 Legitimate Online Jobs With No Fees
I’ve been working from home to get more than 3 . 5 years and I possibly could not be more happy with the versatility of it. Having said that, I’d like you to know that I have spent so enough time through the years researching different work-from-home opportunities and filtering legit online jobs that could pay enough to displace your full-time job.

So let’s leap in and go over all of the viable online work opportunities so you too will get a position that works for you.

Legitimate Online Careers With No Fees
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Online Careers [for Anyone]
Most of the jobs in this entire list are ideal for anyone, but I’ve divided them into categories for students, mothers, kids and instructors for easy sorting. This first list is most beneficial for anyone simply because there is certainly such a multitude of successful people working these online careers and it wouldn’t be reasonable to categorize them this way.

1. Blogger
Pay: $1 – $10,000+ per month

The website you are on right now started off as a straightforward blog created by two college buddies, Jeff and Ben. They both got a pastime in personal finance, and Jeff wished to eventually leave his day job and work online full time. Almost 4 years later, they both run DollarSprout regular, along with a small team.

Blogging is a genuine online job that moms, fathers, students, and regular people like you and me have used to generate income on a part-time plan working online. As long as you are not in need of money now, you love writing and helping others, and you know how to adhere to a task for a while before making money, then blogging might be a good fit for you. It often takes at least 6-18 weeks to start making money from a blog.

For reference, here is how long it took DollarSprout to finally remove:

blog revenue chart
It was anything but an overnight success

The fun thing about blogging as an online job is that you can choose a topic that you’re truly passionate about. So long as you enjoy what you are doing, the opportunities from blogging are practically limitless. Theoretically it’s more of a company when compared to a “job” per se, but we included it upon this list because of the underlying potential.

4 Main Ways to EARN MONEY Blogging:

1. Advertising – You may get paid for putting ads on your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing – That’s where you receives a commission a commission for any products that you sell via your site.

3. Digital Products – You are able to sell your own e-books, programs, etc.

4. Services – If you want to work 1 on 1 with people, a blog can be a great way to create leads for training, consulting, etc.

How to begin:

Step 1 1: Choose a blog niche

Step two 2: Get started doing Initial Setup

Step 3 3: Write your first blogs

Step 4: Pick ONE social mass media network and begin promoting your articles

Step 5: Begin monetizing your blog

Recommendation: HostGator is one of the very most affordable options to obtain a money-making blog up and running. They make it simple and easy to get started (and have everything you need all in a single place), which explains why we recommend these to ambitious new bloggers.

2. Specialized niche Website Creator
Pay: $100 – $10,000+ per site

If you are amply trained in SEO and understand what it takes to rank a niche site on page 1 of Google, then you could make a great income creating market websites. From hiking and rock climbing to babywearing, the sky is the limit when choosing a niche topic.

A distinct segment website is not your typical blog with fresh content being added weekly. Instead, you set up anywhere from 4 to 100 landing web pages that sell affiliate marketer products in a single market. With great SEO applied, once your site ranks on web page 1 of Google for a couple search terms, many other pages tend to follow suit.

There is no guarantee that a certain niche would be profitable, but start brainstorming topics that you are thinking about covering. You can even sell these market websites on marketplaces like Flippa after they are complete and making profits (or keep them and build an incredible passive income).

Recommendation: Same as with a normal blog, you’ll need a hosting package in order to really get your specialized niche website up and running. We still recommend HostGator. This set up guide will walk you through the whole process.

3. Dropshipper
Pay: $25 – $500+ per item sold

Online careers come in all shapes and sizes, and dropshipping is hardly someone to ignore. Though the profit percentage of dropshipping is not as high as when stocking and shipping your own physical products, surely you can understand the benefits of a totally hands-off method.

With dropshipping, you can create a storefront on the system like Shopify, list your products, and then have the orders ship directly to a person from the supplier. This is an incredible option for anybody looking for an internet job because it gives you to dabble in sales, never touch the physical product during a transaction, and of course, earn a good income even while.

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4. Online advertiser/lead generator
Pay: $1,000 – $2,000+ monthly

Set up businesses need your help with their online advertising methods. Many local businesses (not necessarily local to you) aren’t yet online but know they have to be.

Simply scan the yellow pages to find businesses that don’t have a website, or at the very least, a website that looks up-to-date and active. Contact those businesses to provide your advertising services. When you can help other businesses get a steady flow of new customers, you will always have work!

Recommendation: Bobby Hoyt, an avid digital marketer and blogger, started offering a Facebook advertisements management service to local businesses in his area, and finally turned that operation into a sizable income for himself (more than his previous regular job as a band director). He lately launched his own FB Aspect Hustle Course that teaches others how to do the same.

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5. Product tester
Pay: $10 to $20 each hour

Product testing is a fun online job which allows you to generate income working with products that you already want or need. You can attempt and receives a commission to review both physical and digital products as something tester.

Upon registering for a number of product screening websites, you get matched with products from various companies. After receiving and testing the product, afterward you follow the instructions and complete a study or similar task to provide your opinion of the product tested.

For your work, you obtain cash, present cards, or keep the product you’ve tested.

This isn’t your typical full-time online job opportunity, but between earning cash and getting free products, you can certainly make a dent in finances with this job!

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Online Jobs for Students
If you’re looking for online careers for university students, this list is a great place to start. These options are specially flexible for active students and invite you to focus on your studies while still earning money to pay the right path through school (or at least have sufficient extra cash to have a blast).


6. Freelance writer
Pay: $50 to $500+ per article

If only I was into freelance writing while i was in university! I’d have rocked it back then to help pay off debt even earlier than I did. As long as you have talent on paper (you don’t have to be perfect) and you could find clients that require content in a niche that you understand and enjoy, then freelance writing is for you.

It’s okay to begin on employment post platform like Fiverr or Freelance Writing, but these places aren’t “where the money’s at.” In other words, you’re heading to earn much more money freelance writing if you work straight with a company versus a middleman job platform.

So to begin with on your seek out clients, spend an afternoon looking up local business website’s to see if indeed they have a need for content. Then stop by their location and have if they need help building their content from a local college pupil freelancer!

Also, some local newspapers still hire freelance writers on a pay-per-article basis. If you want hanging out at local occasions anyhow, you could end up finding nice writing jobs this way.

Another way to find freelance online jobs is to become listed on blogging Facebook groups or content writing groups. The competition can be fierce when someone asks for pricing, but you’ll often find that skill (coupled with competitive pricing) wins.

Once you’ve shown yourself worthy of the task, you can begin to raise your prices.
One freelancer went from $0 to $225,000+ using her own unique strategies. Now she teaches a course for freelancers to check out in her footsteps.

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