Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs to be together with your Kids

Stay-at-home mom careers make it easier to be with your kids but still contribute financially to your household.

Being a working mom is hard.

Daycare is expensive, nobody desires to be from their kids, and finding employment after taking time off to truly have a baby isn’t always easy.

But for many mothers, staying home rather than working simply isn’t an option. That’s why more mothers opting for stay-at-home mom jobs, where they could be with their kids and bring in money.

We’ve compiled a summary of the 8 best work-from-home jobs for moms, which means you can spend time with your kids and still buying the bacon.

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Why Home based?
There are multiple reasons to home based. Even people without kids often prefer online careers that permit them to stay home. Working in your pajamas from the comfort of your couch has apparent benefits. But also for mothers, working from home has even more appeal.

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Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs: Woman Keeping Baby on the Playground
Among the hardest things about being a working mom is hanging out far from your kids. A lot of women choose to quit work and stay home just to allow them to be with their children.

Of course, that means you overlook the income you will be making. It’s a tough choice that no mother wants to make. But by working from home, you’ll have the ability to spend more time with your kids but still make money.

Flexible Hours
When you have kids, it’s hard to work from 9 to 5. Falling off and picking kids up from college, spending time with them, and generating these to afterschool activities can all hinder a regular work schedule.

Plus, kids’ school schedules don’t always line up with your projects routine. Finding childcare during summer season break, for example, can be difficult.

Working at home allows you to have flexible hours and spend additional time with your children. You’ll have the freedom to work when it’s convenient for your household.

No Time Wasted on the Commute
Commuting isn’t just frustrating, it’s also a waste materials of time. Driving back and forth between work occupies precious time you could be spending with your kids or just doing other stuff.

The average American worker spends 26 minutes commuting to work. That’s nearly an hour a day wasted. Working from home cuts that commute down to nothing and gives you back enough time you would otherwise waste sitting in traffic.

Save on Childcare
Childcare is expensive, and the cost is rising. The common cost for one week of care for just one child is almost $200. A mother with two kids easily usually spends over one thousand dollars per month on childcare.

For many mothers, it’s cheaper to stay home and care for the youngsters than to visit work and purchase daycare. Working at home allows you to avoid pricey childcare while still developing a career and earning money.

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8 Legitimate Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs
You don’t need a college degree or tons of work experience to find a job where you could work from home. There are plenty of career possibilities that will give you the freedom to remain home with your children while making income.

Everything you choose to do will depend on your skills, interests, and experience. These 8 careers are all great places for just about any mom to start, plus they don’t require any specific education or previous work experience.

Best Work-From-Home Careers for Moms: Woman seated on couch with children
1. Freelance Writing
Freelance writing is a superb way to make money working at home. There are tons of jobs available, and you have the opportunity to use your unique skills and experience to find the right market for you. That is one of the best careers for stay-at-home mothers.

Among the better freelance writers earn a six-figure income. That’s more than most mothers who work beyond your home make.

Getting started off with freelance writing can be difficult. It’s hard to find clients and build a profile if you don’t know where to start.

Holly Johnson, a six-figure freelance writer with an impressive resume (including Forbes, The Wall structure Road Journal, and Lifehacker), offers a free of charge workshop for new freelance article writers – a great spot to start if you’re interested in freelance writing as a profession.

Creating Blog Content
A good way to generate income as a freelance writer is to create content for blogs. You will find loads of blogs out there who need writers.

Writers for blogs focus on a freelance basis to produce articles on various topics. By writing for a blog, you may use your experience and expertise to create content without the hassle of operating your own website.

Companies, blogs, and more all need writers to help them build email newsletters. Newsletters are used to talk to readers or customers. Many sites use every week newsletters, so there’s plenty of writing work to be achieved.

Email Campaigns
Email marketing campaigns are another method for companies to attain out to customers. In order to catch their attention and make sales, these marketing promotions need to be well-written. Companies often hire freelance article writers for these jobs.

Website Content
Many website owners hire freelance article writers to help them fill their sites with content. Website content may take many forms, and there are many opportunities to create in different niches.

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2. Blogging
Blogging is one of the best stay-at-home mom careers online today. Among the downsides to freelance writing is that you have to search for careers and write whatever clients request.

By starting your own blog, you control how much work one does and what kind of content you create. Blogging allows you to carefully turn your passions into a source of income.

Obviously, blogging requires a lot more than simply writing posts. You’ll also need to promote your site, sustain your website, and deal with the online business side of things.

That said, it can be done! This mother makes some serious money with her blog in less than 15 hours weekly.

Higher Risk, Higher Incentive than Freelancing
Starting a blog is simple, but creating and owning a successful blog is tough. It takes time and hard work to get followers and turn your blog into a profitable venture.

Many weblogs never make anything at all. But the ones that do make money can make thousands in a single month with very little effort. That’s why blogging is riskier than freelancing but offers the potential for better rewards.

On the surface, blogging doesn’t seem like a very profitable business. In the end, a blog is simply a collection of blogposts in regards to a topic. Most weblogs don’t sell products or charge a fee to readers. However, there are several ways you can turn your site into a income source.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to produce a full-time income from your blog.

Through internet affiliate marketing, you promote products to your readers. If they buy a product using a hyperlink from your blog, you get paid. It’s easy to include internet affiliate marketing into virtually any blog post.

For instance, if you have a lifestyle blog where you write about being a stay-at-home mother, you might link to a favorite educational toy that your children love.

Because your readers trust your opinion, they’ll click your link and purchase it. Without any extra work on your part, you’re making money.

Successful blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of the blog Making Sense of Cents has written extensively about how exactly to generate income with internet affiliate marketing. Her results speak for themselves – she makes about $50,000 per month from affiliate marketing alone.

Display Advertising
Advertisements are another easy way to make money from your blog. By displaying advertisements on your pages, you can generate money each time someone appointments your blog.

To begin with, many bloggers use services like Google Adsense. Adsense is easy to use, and you don’t need a huge amount of readers.

Once you’ve established a huge readership, you might use advertisers more directly. Companies will pay big bucks to have their advertisements shown on popular blogs where they know tens of thousands of readers will see them.

Sponsorships may be tougher for new bloggers to find, but they can be a great way to obtain income for established blogs. A sponsorship is a little different from advertising.

Instead of just allowing an advertiser to show their advertisement, bloggers write sponsored posts promoting something or service for the sponsor.

A recognised blogger in a particular niche can have an enormous influence on their readers, so their testimonial is valuable to companies. Bloggers might be compensated with free products to try out or get paid in cash.

Selling Products
Selling your own products is more labor-intensive than other methods, but many bloggers find that it’s a terrific way to generate income blogging. You don’t have to make and sell a physical product, either.

Bloggers often sell manuals or e-books. This sort of product costs next to nothing to make.

For example, a food blogger might make a formula book to market. Once you put it up for sale, you can continue steadily to make money without doing any additional work.

Professions for Stay-at-Home Moms: Woman with red blanket using laptop on couch
Everyone uses interpersonal media. That’s what makes social media one of the stay-at-home mother jobs with the most opportunity.

If you love posting on Instagram or curating the perfect collection of ideas on Pinterest, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you can turn this skill into a job which allows you to work from home.

It’s more important than ever before for brands to have a strong social media presence, and they need people who are able to help them manage their online appearance.

Many companies hire social media managers to run their social media pages or to help them build their brand online.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Posting
Crafting the perfect post for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest is tricky, but it’s extremely important for companies seeking to get observed and participate customers.

That’s why brands consider interpersonal media experts to produce and publish their content for them. Being a social mass media marketer, you can find work creating content for all sorts of social media pages.

Building Profiles for Brands
In addition to posting online, interpersonal media managers help brands create online profiles. There’s a lot more to creating an online existence than just making a Facebook page.

The job of a social media supervisor is to ensure brands have up-to-date social media that engages fans and consumers.

4. Local Marketing Consultant
A local marketing consultant works with small businesses to help them get the word away. Many small local businesses don’t have a marketing expert on their staff.

By offering your services on a freelance basis, you can help them improve their marketing when you make money from home by yourself time.

Manage Facebook Ads for Local Businesses
Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites out there, with over 2 billion active users. That means it is a great platform for businesses seeking to advertise.

Even better, Facebook can target users with ads specific to a geographic area, as well as age range, gender, and interests.

However, not every local business knows how to consider benefit of Facebook ads. Learning how to manage Facebook advertisements for local businesses can cause you to a valuable asset.

Bobby Hoyt, who runs the website Millennial Money Man, has an online course that will help you understand how to charge for Facebook ads. His course walks you through everything you need to know to become an expert and start making money.

5. Selling Photos Online
Do you love to take pictures, even just on your telephone? Then selling photos online might be considered a great way that you can stay house with your kids but still make money.

A couple of websites that will pay you to use your photos as stock photos. It’s easy to get started with these sites – just upload your photos. When an individual or company selects your photo because of their materials, you get paid.

Shutterstock is a favorite site for stock photography. Anyone can upload their pictures to Shutterstock, even if you’re not really a professional photographer.

The site helps it be easy to begin with, with helpful tools just like a mobile app. The app enables you to upload pictures directly from your telephone. Plus, you can browse to see what kinds of pictures clients are searching for.

iStock Photo
iStock is owned by Getty Images, one of the biggest stock image companies in the world. With more than a million customers, there’s plenty of opportunity to make money.

Unlike Shutterstock, iStock does require you to fill out an application and become approved before you start offering photos.

6. Freelance Proofreading
Do you have a good vision for details? Then freelance proofreading might be the perfect work-from-home chance of you.

Proofreaders check over documents to ensure there are no mistakes. Many proofreaders work on a freelance basis, so you’ll have the freedom to choose when and how much you want to work.

Veteran proofreader and entrepreneur Caitlin Pyle offers a free of charge 76-minute workshop for those considering proofreading as a career. Her workshop covers five signals proofreading could be a good fit for you and how to begin booking clients.

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7. Online Teaching or Tutoring
Online learning is known as by many to be the continuing future of education. The field keeps growing quickly and you will find loads of jobs designed for those seeking to teach or tutor online. Even though you don’t have a teaching certification, you can still find are an online teacher.

One way to get started is by teaching English to kids in other countries online. Online The english language classes are ever more popular, especially in China.

There are several companies that are always hiring teachers. VIPKID and DaDa are both reputable growing companies that hire British speakers to work with kids in China one-on-one via the internet.

You need to do need a bachelor’s level to utilize either company, but no teaching experience is required.

8. Health Coaching
Health and wellness coaching is a growing industry. With an increase of people than ever researching to improve your health and fit, there is a need for instructors who can help guide them on their fitness journey.

An internet health coach gives advice, checks along with clients, and encouragement. In most cases, all you need to begin with is a passion for health insurance and a wish to help others.

Like a health coach, you can choose to work for an organization or to work on a freelance basis. There are many companies that provide health training services online.

Alternatively, you may want to work as a freelance health trainer, and that means you can enjoy more freedom and set your own hours.

DIFFERENT WAYS for Stay-at-Home Mothers to Make Money
The careers we’ve listed below are great stay-at-home moms jobs for individuals who want (or need) a full-time setup. But what about mothers who just want to earn a little extra money on the side?

There are plenty of good jobs for stay-at-home moms to generate income with no commitment of starting a fresh career. You won’t make as much money, but these ideas can help you get extra cash.

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Stay-at-Home Mom Careers: Woman smiling using laptop at table
Take part in Market Research
General market trends companies need to find out what consumers are thinking. To find out, they conduct research through paid internet surveys. You can register with take these surveys and earn cash and rewards. It’s a quick and easy way to generate income from home.

There are several sites that claim to pay you for taking surveys, but many offer suprisingly low pay or are just plain scams. Study Junkie and Swagbucks are both reliable companies that actually pay you to take surveys.

Survey Junkie
Study Junkie is by significantly among the best study sites out there. Users sign up and can start taking surveys immediately. Sure, it’s not one of your typical full-time or even part-time stay-at-home mother jobs that pays all the expenses, nevertheless, you can still make some supplemental income privately this way.

Unlike some survey companies, Survey Junkie pays you for each single survey you take, even if you don’t meet the qualifications the company wants for the reason that particular survey.

For every study you take on Study Junkie, you earn factors. The number of points depends upon the study. Every 100 points are really worth $1, and you may cash out via PayPal or get gift cards once you’ve gained 1,000 factors, or $10.